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Restorative Dentistry & Dental Implants

Dr. Newell | Reno, NV Dentist | Implants, Restorations and Surgery
There are a number of circumstances that can lead a dental patient to require dental implants or restorations to correct dental health and improve the quality of their smile. Injury, disease, and decay are just a few of the dental impairments that can seriously risk the health of a tooth. Fortunately, there are modern, convenient dental procedures and treatments that can restore the health of the teeth.

Dr. Newell, in Minden, NV is experienced with several restorative techniques designed to give his patients their dental health and confidence back. Dental implants are among them. When a tooth becomes too damaged to restore with more conventional means, the unhealthy tooth is extracted and a small screw is inserted directly into the jaw bone. Once healed, a replacement tooth made from porcelain and colored to match the patient’s natural teeth, is attached to the screw. At the end of the procedure, the patient has a natural looking, permanent tooth to restore the appearance of the teeth, as well as the integrity of the jaw bone. Dental implants come with none of the inconveniences of dentures or bridges, such as slippage, removal for cleaning, and food becoming lodged under the device. In short, it’s the next best thing to a natural tooth.

Other types of dental restoration is available for those who don’t need dental implants. Veneers and crowns are common dental methods used to restore the health of damaged teeth. Call Dr. Newell’s office today to learn more about the options available for you to improve your dental health.